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 Co-livingis a new concept of communal life popular with millennials who live and work in their businesses under the same roof. Residents can network and establish synergies to help them with their business projects.


Sharing a home is the first step towards independence for millions young people. Some join forces with strangers to build houses and others prefer youth hostels, but the most innovative opt for spaces of coexistence that support entrepreneurship by providing an environment to share ideas, knowledge and experiences.


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Our Common operators are currently operating in the US. US 82 buildings with 18,000 beds and expect by 2022 to be in Canada and opening market in Europe as they have acquired the We Work portfolio which are the main ones in the market.

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 In Orlando we started at $1250 per bed with 4 and 3 bedroom apartments, which would generate an average of 40% more than conventional rental apartments.

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Sono Development Group and Macrourbe Develops will provide a combination of fully furnished two, three and four bedroom apartments that will be rented per room for approximately $1,000 per month.

Monthly rent will include utilities, WiFi, in-unit laundry and weekly cleaning of all common areas. Residents can schedule the cleaning service for their private space for another $25

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Technical data

182 departments
585 rooms
242 parking lots

Areas M2

Residential 22596
Entertainment & Lobby 1589
Shopping Area 642
Office Area 672
Pool Area 742
Terrace (dog, park, yoga) 284


401 S Rosalinda Ave Orlando Fl 32801.
Location this in the Downtown Orlando

The project


Dr. Phillips

Amway Center

Lake Eola


Financial Sector

Downtown Orlando is the mecca of the financial sector and office professionals who are looking for an urban lifestyle where they do not move beyond their sector, they get everything a few blocks from the prime location


Cost of living

The cost of living in Orlando is about 3% lower than Florida’s average cost of living.


Rent Increase

The area is untouched, in this moment is starting to be exploited, it has had a 56% increase in income due to a lack of available properties, this has led to the development of 18 new Apartments.


The land has a 37.5% discount, has a $12,000,000 appraisal and is on sale at $7,500,000.


Common areas

Wellness Terrace

Social Hall

Outdoor Space
for Dogs



Spinning salon



Meeting Room



Game Room

Conference Room

Internal areas